<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/14/95/01/52/94/171020104247.jpg?t=1548009965"><br>You think you''ve seen the house and then realize there''s an upstairs, so you trot up the steps and discover a paneled wonderland, a nook-and-crannied master retreat, an escape to a cozy, rugged, woodsy, private realm just for you. This awesomely sweet home also has a functional basement that''s all yours to enjoy - Apples to Apples, anyone? Or is Cards Against Humanity more your speed? Whatever you pick, you can play it in this great basement. Seller''s updates since purchasing include refinished hardwood floors upstairs, a new washer, new dryer, new hot water heater, new kitchen floor, and new patio stones for that sweet, sweet outdoor entertaining experience. You don''t need a lot of house. You just want a really good one. This is it.<br>